Astrological insight to navigate times of choice, challenge, change, or chance

Contact me with your question or issue via email (address below) or the contact form. If I need more information I’ll ask. Then I’ll cast the chart and provide you with its interpretation in the context of your question.

Before you ask

Before you contact me (or any astrologer) take time and sit with your question. Ask yourself what it is you really want to know. 

What’s at the root or heart of your question? 

For example, your original question might be, “Should I change jobs?” but after self-reflection you realize you’re actually curious about your security and the real question is “Will I have the means to live comfortably as I get older?

NB: Questions that are trivial, undeveloped, or based a curiosity about other people generally don’t produce meaningful charts.

When time is of the essence

While it is best to take time to understand what your true question is, there are certain situations where time is of the essence. In those case please indicate that in your communication with me.

Are there time limits, deadlines, or an urgency that may be pertinent in the context of the question? For example, “I lost my passport and my flight is tomorrow at 7pm, will I find it before then?”

Other questions may not be urgent and may still include a time component to consider. For example, “Will I ever get out of this debt?” isn’t as clear as “If things continue as they are, will I be able to pay off my debt in the next 18 months?

OK“Will I ever adopt a dog?”
Better“Will I be in the right environment to adopt a dog in the next year?”

The more specific your question is then the more likely the chart can lead us to the answer.

Natal and horary astrology

Natal astrology typically deals with the whole individual, his or her strengths and challenges, and longer cycles that play out over the life. Natal astrology uses a chart cast for the date and time when the person is born. 

Horary astrology (from the Greek word “horus” for “hour”) is a type of judicial astrology used to answer specific questions. Horary uses a chart cast for the date and time when the question is understood by the astrologer.

Elements in the horary chart are weighed against traditional rules of interpretation in order to assess the quality of that moment. A chart is symbolically descriptive of the question and the people, circumstances, and resources involved.

This “house-based” system covers all the areas of life where one might encounter questions: one’s health, finances, family, spouse, education, career, friends, pets, romances, journeys, children, and more. 

How to ask a horary question

Questions should be personal and deeply meaningful to you. Your question should be of concern only to you or someone you’re involved with on a personal, social, or business level. For example: “Will my contractor deliver the plans on time?

Example questions

  • Will my house sell in the next three months?
  • Should I buy that new car?
  • Will my team win the playoff game tonight?
  • I interviewed for a new job. Will I get it? 
  • Is this the end of our relationship?
  • Will my brother pay back the money I loaned to him?
  • Is my daughter going to be accepted into the college she wants

Get to the heart of your question

M’eh“Will I find a job?”
Good“Will I find work when I graduate?”
Better“Will I find fulfilling work in my field within six months of graduating?”

Who are the characters in your question?

Question: “Do Bob and I have a future?”
Knowing that “Bob is my 12 year old cocker spaniel,” will alter the judgement of the question compared to “Bob is the co-worker I have a crush on.” Be clear and descriptive of the relevant characters involved.

Now what?

Contact me once you are clear about your question. You can submit the question via email or the contact form on the site.

I’ll cast a chart for the moment I read and understand your question. If anything is unclear I’ll email you for more details. If we’re working via email then I’ll then write up my judgement and send it along with the chart. If you prefer voice or video we’ll schedule a time (generally 15-30 minutes).

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“You know, as soon as I read your email, I realized that I already felt that in my heart. : ) It would be so much more convenient if I was finally dating the right guy (because I am definitely ready), but I also guess I needed that confirmation before turning away from the situation. Horary is so amazing. I am always blown away by the accuracy, although I don’t pretend to understand it in any way. Thanks for your well-thought out and analyzed response.” -KF

“RIGHT ON THE DOT!!! Amazing! Thank you very much for your time!” -RD

“Ron is wonderful and a talented astrologer. I had asked him about something and he turned out to be so right in the end. Glad I consulted him in the first place.” -AC

“Thank you, Ron for your great reading… you definitely hit the nail right on the head… Keep up the great work and I look forward to another reading soon.” -HT