Astrological insight to navigate times of choice, challenge, change, or chance

Astrology as an act of compassion

Think back to times in your life that felt out-of-the-ordinary, presented a cross-roads, or carried significant consequences. How confidently can you confront a difficult choice, face a personal challenge, consider an important change, or experience the results of chance?

When we know what to expect, we feel prepared

Astrology can help you to navigate times of choice, challenge, change, or chance with compassion, confidence, and insight. What can these moments in time reveal to you about your options, available resources, and ability to be effective and resilient?

Buddhism teaches that ignorance is a source of suffering. Ignorance isn’t only a lack of knowledge but can also be described as a basic misunderstanding of the nature of reality (circumstances). It can be difficult to be objective about our own problems and challenges. This is where astrology can be used as a tool for problem-solving.

Astrology can reduce ignorance (and therefore suffering) because it helps us to understand the quality of time as reflected through the symbols in the chart. A consultation provides a “read” on the causes, circumstances, and characters involved in your situation. More importantly, a consultation creates a safe space to examine your question more deeply, its potential outcomes, and what those outcomes might mean to you.

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“Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.”


Game theory

Life is like a card game, it constantly presents us with choices, challenges, changes… and chances.

CHOICE requires us to identify our options, weigh the pros and cons, and consider the consequences. A horary chart can determine the strength of our options and which one might be easier to achieve.

What kinds of choices do you need to make in the next few months?

  • “Should I take the new job or stay where I am?”
  • “Will it be worth it to take this training?”
  • “Which of the two candidates is a better fit for this position?”

CHALLENGES confront us head on, have a clear opponent (person or circumstance), and require a combination of ability, opportunity, and resources to overcome. A horary chart can help to discover who and what your resources are and how the challenge unfolds.

What kind of challenges are you facing?

  • “My neighbor just sued me- will I prevail in the lawsuit?”
  • “Am I the stronger candidate for this job?”
  • “Will I find financial relief next year?”

CHANGE happens constantly according to many ancient philosophies, including Buddhism. To confront change successfully we need to understand the quality of time, what brought us to this particular moment, and acknowledge the possible outcomes. A chart can illuminate options, uncover roadblocks, and validate your gut feeling.

What kind of changes are you experiencing?

  • “My relationship is on the rocks. Is it worth fighting for?”
  • “My kids just left home. What’s next for me?”
  • “My company is downsizing, is my job safe?”

CHANCE is the unpredictable event, unknown outcome, or uninvited guest that can result in positive or negative consequences in our lives. Chance is beyond our direct control, happens randomly, and is a result of innumerable causes and conditions, and thereby difficult to plan for. A horary chart offers insight around causes, motivations, and possible outcomes when we don’t have all the information.

What kind of unpredictability is creating stress or suffering for you?

  • “I lost my passport and I’m traveling in two weeks- will I find it?”
  • “Will my grant proposal be accepted?”
  • “Will my brother-in-law pay me back on time?”

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Astrology combines observable phenomena and symbolic meaning

Astrology combines an understanding of astronomical phenomena (e.g. a planet’s location, motion, aspects, and phase) that can be empirically measured with traditional, symbolic correspondences to interpret any moment.