Astrological insight to navigate times of choice, challenge, change, or chance

About Ron

Growing up there were two things in particular I was forbidden from doing: watching the television show Bewitched and reading the daily horoscopes in the newspaper. I loved reading the comic strips and because the games, advice columns, and horoscopes were all grouped together I naturally read them (along with Erma Bombeck’s column!).


Even at that young age I knew the kind of magic Samantha practiced– making dinner appear, making Gladys disappear, or levitating Darren’s scotch on the rocks– was achieved by fancy special effects. But the astrology column held a different kind of sway for me. After I read the comics and perused Dear Abby my mother inevitably would snatch the paper away before this little Pisces could find out what the stars had in store for him.

Now that intrigued me. What was really behind these daily doses of advice, admonition, and augury? It would be a long time before I found out. But I did.

As a young adult my desire to learn about astrology continued to grow and I’ve had the good fortune to befriend several astrology mentors and teachers who taught me what a truly expressive and rich language astrology is.

At various times during my astrological journey I have been a member in different astrology organizations including the NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research), OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) and the SFAA (South Florida Astrological Association). As an advocate for professionalism in this art form, I also abide by the various codes of ethics for professional astrologers as outlined by the different organizations. My own ethics are driven by Compassion, Respect, and Privacy.

I want astrology to be a tool you reach for during moments of choice, challenge, or change. These moments are unique and the symbolism available through a chart can help to illuminate your options, suggest how to prepare for the inevitable ebb and flow of life, and give practical replies to pressing questions.

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